Unlock the full potential of your Salesforce team.

Evolving Salesforce Implementations to Insight-driven and Highly Supported In-house Products.

Gain insight into what is happening within your org.

With so many ways errors can arise, and no clear way to handle them, it's no wonder things go unnoticed.

Observe trends for each of your Salesforce Orgs.


Ready and easy to integrate with existing business processes.

Native Salesforce platform functionality makes it easy to send logs and errors with, or without, a developer.

public void handle() {
    try {
        // ...
    } catch (Exception e) {
        // Log errors to somewhere visible 🥳
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    Active error monitoring

    Critical errors getting lost in someone's inbox? RevCI can funnel Apex & Flow errors into somewhere useful.

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    Secure & reliable

    Our security review approved package sits where the errors occur. Then sent to our platform encrypted. BYOK coming soon.

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    Save your storage

    We clean up logs stored on platform, but keep them in our secure database for analysis and review.

Take your org to the next level!